A Quick Guide to Teen Family Planning Services

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Everything you need to know about family planning services for teens

Family planning services allow everyone to take control of their reproductive and sexual health. You don’t have to be an adult to receive family planning services. Starting at the age of 13, you don’t need your parents with you or their permission to receive care. However, it’s best to talk to your parents if you are having sex, thinking of having sex, or have questions about sex. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your parents, you can always talk to a trusted adult. It may seem awkward at first to talk about sex with an adult, but they might have good advice to help you make decisions about dating and sex.

What family planning services are offered to teens?

When seeing a family planning provider, you will be asked to give your medical and family history. This will provide information for the family planning provider of any health conditions that might impact your health. You may also be asked questions about your reproductive history, your goals, if you are seeing someone, and if you had sex or plan on having sex. Services for family planning include:

  • STI (including HIV) prevention, testing, and treatment services
  • Birth control methods and pregnancy prevention education
  • Pregnancy counseling and testing
  • Vaccine services
  • Education and counseling for reproductive and sexual health
  • Other related family planning services

Are family planning services confidential?

Healthcare providers cannot tell your parents about your visit. But if you are using your parent’s health insurance, an explanation of benefits (often referred to as an EOB) may be sent to your parents. An EOB is a statement that a health insurance company sends to show which services that your insurance covered. If you feel uncomfortable with having an EOB sent to your parents, talk to your healthcare provider to ensure that you receive confidential services.

Are family planning services free?

In general, family planning services for teens are usually free or low cost. You will be asked to provide your income and family size in order to see if you can receive fee or low cost services. If you don’t know your income or you don’t have an income, don’t worry. That won’t prevent you from seeing a healthcare provider for family planning services or getting birth control. That won’t prevent you from seeing a healthcare provider for family planning services or getting birth control.

Family planning services allows for teens to take care of their reproductive health without needing consent or permission for a parent. If you are a teen looking for family planning care near, take control today and find a healthcare provider near you.