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Outercourse and Abstinence

100% effective at preventing pregnancy, hormone-free, and requires no medical intervention. Outercourse and abstinence are two distinct but related methods of birth control. Abstinence refers to refraining from any sexual activity that involves vaginal penetration, ensuring complete prevention of pregnancy. Outercourse, on the other hand, involves engaging in sexual activities that don’t...

Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy

Permanent, highly effective, hormone-free, surgical procedures. Tubal ligation and vasectomy are permanent birth control methods. Tubal ligation, often referred to as “getting your tubes tied,” involves surgically closing or blocking a woman’s fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from reaching the uterus. Vasectomy, for men, involves cutting or sealing the vas deferens to stop sperm...


Long lasting, won’t interrupt the moment, hormonal or non-hormonal IUD (intrauterine device) is a tiny t-shaped device that is placed inside your uterus. Non-hormonal IUDs work by limiting the movement of sperm to stop it from reaching an egg. Hormonal IUDs also limit the movement of sperm, but also releases hormones that prevents your ovaries...

Breastfeeding as Birth Control

Natural and hormone-free, effective as long as exclusive breastfeeding is maintained, particularly within six months postpartum. Breastfeeding as birth control, also known as the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM), relies on the natural suppression of fertility that occurs during exclusive breastfeeding. This method is most effective when the baby is less than six months old, feeds...
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