Can you keep a secret?

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Even if you can’t, your family planning and reproductive health services will be kept secret.  But do you know what that really means? It means a lot for the Title X program.

What is the Title X Program?

Created in 1970, Title X is the national family planning program that provides access to confidential health services for all individuals- including teens and young people. The program ensures that every Title X client receives private and confidential reproductive health services regardless of age. Services that are covered under Title X include sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, birth control, and pregnancy testing.

What Does Confidential Mean?

It means that the entire visit will remain private between you and your medical provider- however, there are a few exceptions.

Medical professionals are required, by law, to report information regarding a patient who has experienced harm or expresses harm to themselves or others. All healthcare visits are protected under patient-doctor confidentiality laws so that all your information is private, protected, and safe, except in those situations where harm is disclosed.

Will My Parent/Caregiver Find Out?

As a minor, there are certain situations where you may need caregiver permission or parental consent to do something- like participate in a school field trip or join a sports team- but accessing reproductive healthcare services is not one of them!

How Do I Make Sure My Visit is Confidential?

For the most part, there is nothing you need to do! Your entire visit is covered under patient confidentiality laws and will remain private unless harm is disclosed.

However – the insurance companies are a different story. Billing practices continue to be an issue for individuals looking for private and confidential healthcare services because the insurance bill contains information on where, when, and what services were obtained at a specific visit.

That means if you are uncomfortable with your caregivers finding out about your visit, DO NOT use their insurance for the appointment! Most healthcare organizations offer these services to teens and young people at low or even no cost to make sure your visit is private from your caregivers. All you have to do is let staff know you will not use insurance for your appointment.


Under the Title X program, minors under 18 have a right to confidential reproductive healthcare services, including STI testing and obtaining contraceptives.

Take control of your confidential services today by finding a Title X healthcare provider near you!