Keep Relationships Real with the Help of Family Planning Services

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Learn more about family planning and what it can do for you.

Keep Relationships Real is here to offer family planning services to everyone — including those who live in low-income households and struggle with health insurance coverage. No matter what, you deserve to live your life knowing you can achieve reproductive justice for yourself.

Even if you don’t realize it, family planning and reproductive health play a huge part in your life, from the goals you set to deciding where you’ll live, work and so much more. But what is family planning and what services do family planning programs offer?

Family planning services are exactly what they sound like: a range of services and tools you can apply to your life to help you have children, not have children or parent the children you have.

Below is a list of the most common family planning services:

Contraceptive Services

If you’re looking for birth control methods to use, a family planning provider can help you find which method is right for you. Some birth control may even be ready for you to take home or use on the same day as your visit, like condoms, the pill, the shot and occasionally an IUD or the implant. 

Remember: In Pennsylvania, if you are younger than 18 you are able to get birth control, STI/HIV testing and treatment, pregnancy testing and much more without having a parent or guardian with you.

Male Services 

Family planning isn’t only for women – there are a variety of services for men that include preconception health, birth control education and counseling, STI/HIV testing, treatment and education and basic infertility services. 

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling  

If you think that you might be pregnant or know that you are pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test to confirm at a healthcare office near you. Providers can talk with you about your pregnancy and offer referrals for further services if needed.

STI and HIV Services 

Testing for STIs and HIV is a very important step in your family planning efforts and your overall healthcare routine. Taking this step will keep you and each of your sexual partners safe from sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Testing locations are closer than you may think and tests are very fast, completely private and confidential, so you can get tested with your mind at ease. Many clinics even offer walk-in testing.

Achieving Pregnancy 

If you want to have a baby, you can learn family planning methods that may help to increase your chances of achieving pregnancy. This may include fertility tracking, best conception practices and things to avoid when trying to become pregnant. 

Basic Infertility Services

If you are struggling to get pregnant, family planning services can offer you counseling, additional information on infertility and even give you a referral if you need further assistance.  

Preconception Health 

Whether you want children now, in the future or don’t want children at all, family planning can help you prepare. You can review your wants and needs at this time in your life and beyond when it comes to having children. Your family planning provider can help you determine which contraception methods will help you meet your goals. 

Everyone can use family planning services. You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen or a Pennsylvania resident to receive services at a family planning clinic. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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