Why You Need to Go to a Gynecologist: Talking Pregnancy, Fertility, Birth Control

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Find out how the GYN can help you stay healthy.

As a woman, regardless of your sexual orientation or identity, taking control of your sexual health starts with regular visits to a gynecologist (GYN). Going to see a GYN can feel scary and strange, no matter if it’s your first visit or your hundredth check-up.

While you may feel weird, it’s important you fight any fears you have, go for your visit and keep going back for the sake of your health. It is a good idea to start going to the GYN after you receive your period for the first time or are between the ages of 13 and 15.

Check out more about why you should go, and how the GYN can help you with planning for a child, fertility, birth control methods and more, below.

Family Planning for Your Future

The GYN is your No. 1 resource for planning your future. From talking about how to have safe sex to what birth control options are available and right for you, as well as planning to have a child, your doctor is there to help.

There is no judgment from your GYN. When you visit, you can feel free to openly ask questions, talk about yourself and your goals, body image, relationships and any other concerns you may have, all while knowing everything you say is kept private.

Identify Health Issues Early

In many offices, your GYN will give you a pap smear (known as a pap test) and a pelvic exam if you are older than 21. A pap test and a pelvic exam is used to detect cancer in the uterus, pelvis, ovaries or cervix in the early stages.

Typically, if you are younger than 21, your healthcare provider will not give you a pap test, unless they have reason to.

Your GYN may also screen for other cancers and sexual health issues, such as breast cancer or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), during your visit.

Frequent visits to the GYN can help you stay healthy, happy and learn more about your sexual health. Find a healthcare provider near you and get started.