Trans Youth Day

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Content Warning: Discussion of suicide, dehumanization, and genocide.

In 2015, Leelah Alcorn became a household name as the nation stood in shock at the news of the tragic death of the 17-year-old from Ohio.

Remembering Leelah

On December 28, 2014, Leelah died by suicide. At just 17 years old, she had suffered stigma, abuse, and isolation at the hands of her parents after coming out as transgender at 14. Refusing to accept her, Leelah’s parents sent her to conversion “therapy.”

Though Leelah’s story has been drowned out by the massive amount of LGBTQ+ youth taking their lives in the years since then, December 28th has been declared Trans Youth Day by Trans Lifeline in remembrance of her.

Protect Trans Kids

There has been an exponential increase in the visibility of LGBTQ+ youth suicidality in the United States, particularly trans youth. It’s a tragedy we hear all too often—another trans kid taken too soon, and by their own hand at that.

Reports of bullying, harassment, and abuse from peers, teachers, and parents made too late, if made at all. If these were any other adolescents, would we continue to hesitate in protecting them? Trans youth are YOUTH.

Systemic Dehumanization

The persistent and continued attempts at stripping trans individuals of their autonomy, safety, and personhood are dehumanization at the highest level. Lawmakers and anti-trans policies are stripping individuals of not only their basic human rights but their humanity as well.

Trans people are being branded as broken or a perversion to be fixed, controlled, or “eradicated” as quoted from the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference. Dehumanization is the denial of recognizing one’s full humanity, and right now, we are writing it into our laws and the fabric of our society at an alarming rate.

Deadly Consequences

Did you know there are 10 Stages of Genocide? Right now, in 2023, in the United States, trans people are at stage 6 pushing 7. It’s not being alarmist, over-dramatic, or divisive; this is the world in which we currently live.

The 6th stage of genocide involves polarization defined by extremists driving people apart and dividing them. Sound familiar? And the worst part? Our trans youth are coming of age during all of this hatred being spewed and legalized.


The future is ours to define. We can fight harmful anti-trans legislation and elect non-extremist lawmakers to Congress and local offices. We can fight harmful school policies and practices by showing up to school board meetings and electing non-extremist school board members. We can fight to protect our trans youth by standing with them and understanding they know themselves better than any other person ever could

If you or someone you know is in crisis:

  • Call or text 988 the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline to connect with a trained crisis counselor
    • The Lifeline provides 24/7 confidential support to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Support is also available via live chat and offered in over 240 languages.

Every child, teen, and adolescent deserves to feel safe and have their well-being protected. Take control of your health today by making an appointment with a medical provider.